Christmas time!

As my last post of the semester, I wanted to reflect on the past few months. Upon return from a long and  relaxing summer break, I came back to my sorority to reunite with all of my sorority sisters. We enjoyed many football games together, which were a little bittersweet knowing it was my last football season. Working for the Romney campaign was truly an honor and even though we didn’t come out on top, I am still so proud of the time I spent there and the work we did. Now that the semester is winding up, it is time to look forward to Christmas and spending time with family. When we return from break, I will spend my final semester at the University of Florida reporting for WUFT on Thursdays. Studying at the CMIR has truly been an honored and I am very excited for what is to come!





The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell is an excellent read for anyone looking to make a difference. Gladwell takes readers through the multiple facets necessary to start an epidemic. The intriguing part of the book, which of course Gladwell realizes, is that simply telling readers what they need to do won’t make enough of a lasting impact. Each point is woven through with multiple examples to help the reader understand each in context. After giving an overview of each point he will elaborate on, he dives right in.

Gladwell begins by discussing the Law of the Few. He points out that “word of mouth is still the most important form of communication.” To make any type of social epidemic catch on, you need at least one of any of the following three people. Connectors are people that know many. They can make an idea catch on by just mentioning it to their acquaintances because they have so many. These people often form weak-ties with a large number of people, which are what is necessary to spread information among different types of people. People you have strong ties to are likely people you already have several things in common with, but weak-tie people are often out of your main circle of friends. The second type of necessary people are Mavens. Mavens accumulate information and are genuinely interested in helping everyone find the best deals. Mavens are able to influence people because listeners know that a maven selflessly wants everyone else to get the same deals they do. The final type of person is a salesman. This person can make anything interesting and desirable to you. People may rarely be more than one type of these people, but in that case, they are even more influential.

The Stickiness Factor is the second agent needed to start an epidemic. Anyone can simply share a message, but like Gladwell used interesting stories to reinforce the points of his book, people who are successful at spreading a message know that people have to have some reason to listen to and remember it. Even the slightest tweak can be enough to change results and tip the scales in your favor. This thing may not always be obvious, but those who truly pursue success will find this tipping point, and adjust accordingly.

The Power of Context is the final point of this text. Gladwell mentions that “humans are a lot more sensitive to their environment than they may seem.” This chapter explored how people react differently depending on their situation. One particular example discussed how the subway system in New York was turned around in the 1980s and subsequently the crime rate in the city. The new administrator insisted on catching people who were skipping out on the toll, and cleaning up the graffiti. Although security thought it would make no difference at first, the little changes added up to a big change in attitude. Thugs knew that their behavior would no longer be tolerated, and they adjusted accordingly.

It is easy to see why Gladwell’s work was named a Bestseller. The text was easy to read and each point provided valuable information. At the end of the book, it leads readers with the feeling that they have the tools necessary, and they are ready to find whatever small tipping point will cause a social epidemic. 

Introducing…Part 2

Of course, there are more than just three excellent blogs in our class….here are just a few more!

Stephanie Jones also has a really cool structure to her blog. The title of each post relates to how many days are left in the Mayan calendar. There are also some really neat videos that are worth checking out!

A blog I really loved reading was Shelby Vest’s! Her blog has ideas for random acts of kindness (that is also the title!). Its just so sweet and simple to do little nice things for people, and it makes you both feel better!

One final blog writer I would like to introduce you to is Auriel Rolle-Polk. As a fellow lover of food and someone who is trying to be more fitness-conscious, I really like the links she provides to ‘healthy eats!’


One of the topics discussed in many of our classes dealing with interactive media is the positive relationship that comes out of linking to other pages, and in turn having them link back to you. Not only does this increase your SEO score, it also gives your readers a chance to see other blogs or pages that are preapproved by you, and it gets you traffic from those sites.

For the latest Tips on Fashion, visit Tondrea Haddley‘s page. Look around her page to find great fashion tips, as well as links for where to find the most stylish ensembles!

Hannah Schrader has an adorable and well-written blog about her budding career as a journalist and her impending marriage!

Even though the election has passed, there are still many interesting posts to read on Bailey Myer‘s blog. I have a very strong political opinion, so I enjoyed reading from someone else’s perspective.

All of these are great reads!


Madison Conner Bio

As a senior Telecommunications major at the University of Florida, I am certainly a proud Gator. I also have a minor in Business, which I would like to use in conjunction with my major to work in the Communications field. This semester, along with school and a part-time job, I have spent many hours interning for the Mitt Romney campaign. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I am a girly-girl that likes to wear dresses and pearls, but I also like to ride four-wheelers in the woods. I am personable and a team-player. I enjoy meeting new people and taking on a challenge! My resume is available for easy viewing. I have also provided links to my most recent blog posts.

Battleground State

Sinus Infection Remedies

BCS Rankings

Ergonomics At Work

Battleground State

In my first post, I promised to update my readers on what was going on in my life. In between various bouts of sickness, I have been interning for the Florida Republican Party. It is such an honor to be working for America’s Comeback Team in a battleground state in the most important election of our lifetimes. The candidates are furiously touring the country for these last few days until November 6th. Every day we make thousands of calls and knock hundreds of doors, and soon the fruits of our labor will pay off. No matter your political affiliation, it is remarkable to be given the opportunity to work so closely for a cause that you are truly passionate about. For the last two weeks, we will push ahead and give our all, and at the end rest knowing that we gave everything we had…and God-willing that will mean that we are also celebrating. Go America.